360° Ethnography

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Ever wanted to follow your consumers around with a hidden camera to figure out why they behave the way they do?

When you really want to understand a market segment in-depth, one of the most powerful research tools available is ethnography. These qualitative studies are designed to capture a market segment through observation to uncover what consumers really want or what they are really doing. Ethnography allows us to immerse ourselves in the lives of consumers and observe, record and understand their behavior firsthand.

Music Forecasting employs a unique, comprehensive approach called 360° Ethnography™. In addition to traditional observation of consumers, our system adds three additional components to provide a greater level of understanding.

360° Ethnography includes:

  • Ethnographic Observation—We visit consumers at home, work, etc. and become “fly on the wall” observers of their actual behavior in real life settings, all captured on video. We are able to gather rich insights into real behavior and preferences that are sometimes difficult to unearth or understand with more structured, traditional methods.
  • Digital Scrapbooking—We ask consumers to share examples of what they are doing in the area of interest so that we can begin to understand the behavior from their perspective. For example, we might ask consumers to send us photos or videos that “show us how they listen to music in the car.”
  • Diary Keeping—We ask consumers to keep a diary of what they are consuming each day. We might ask them to log any time they listen to music, where they are, what device they are using, what service, why and for how long. Tallying these entries begins to paint a picture of the behavior we’re studying.
  • Individual Interviews—After we observe the consumers in their homes, cars, at work or school—the traditional ethnography—we interview them on camera. These interviews allow us to drill down on questions that may have been too intrusive to ask during our observations.

The unique multi-faceted approach of 360° Ethnography allows us to capture consumer behavior from every angle, leaving no question unanswered about the consumers’ motivations and thought processes.