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Music Forecasting’s Artist Focus™ one-on-one interviews provide an in-depth view of what’s going on with your artist in the minds of music buyers at a fraction of the cost of focus groups. We conduct 30 one-on-one individual interviews with consumers in your target demographic to hear what they are thinking and feeling about your performer. Consumers review four or five song samples, photo treatments and video clips as part of their evaluation.

There’s no substitute for in-person sessions when you want to hear firsthand the emotional connection consumers are making – or aren’t making – with your artist.

Whether your artist is new, emerging or mature, this system is ideal for understanding consumer perceptions and your brand strengths and weaknesses. Determine the viability and best direction for your new or emerging artist or assess the status and forecast the future of your mature artist in the latest consumer climate.

Find out what consumers really think about your artist…

  • Does the artist have some quality that makes them special enough to evoke real passion among music consumers?
  • What is the essence of the artist’s unique appeal, if any - are they considered, for example, sexy, wholesome, likeable, edgy, dangerous, genuine, down-to-earth or outrageous? What factor or factors will generate a real bond with the audience?
  • What artist images, if any, are connecting with the audience?
  • At whom does the consumer perceive your act to be targeted?
  • Into what category of music does the consumer put your artist? With whom do they “compete”?
  • Are there any negative images associated with the performer that could be corrected?
  • What songs, videos, styling and artwork fit with the image you are creating? Is anything “out of place” that you can eliminate or modify?
  • How likely is this artist to succeed?
  • How likely are consumers to buy a new CD from this artist?

Music Forecasting conducts Artist Focus™ studies in markets across the country based upon what makes sense for your artist. These panels are conducted by professional moderators on our staff who specialize in focus groups with music consumers and who have been trained by the prestigious Burke Institute.

We videotape all of our sessions so that you can observe them at your convenience and see consumer reactions firsthand. Additionally, we prepare a full written report including our observations, insights and recommendations.

Artist Focus™ one-on-one interviews from Music Forecasting. Know what consumers are really thinking about your artist.