How we help

Music Forecasting helps the music industry make better decisions by conducting and interpreting primary research with consumers—we talk to real people. Our experienced team develops action plans with our clients that help them manage the strategic direction of their artists, develop products using their existing assets, understand trends in music consumption and maximize brand partnership opportunities.

We don’t dump data on your desk pulled from national studies that cover dozens of topics. Our custom-designed studies provide answers to your specific questions. We don’t simply tell you what’s blowing up on the Internet. Our studies tell you why and what to do about it. We don’t leave you to figure out what spreadsheets and dashboards filled with numbers mean. Our studies guide your next moves through expert interpretation of the data.

Here's how....

Artist Correction

Artist Correction Image
A historically successful artist was seeing album sales and fan base deterioration as he modernized his image by updating both his look and the sound of his music. His management felt that it was just a transition period for him and that he would eventually connect with consumers again in an even stronger fashion, but his label questioned whether his evolution was appropriate or if he would be better off staying true to his original image. To address this question, Music Forecasting designed an Artist Focus study and conducted one-on-one interviews with music consumers in his target format.

Our research revealed that the artist did not suffer from any overt image issues. Instead, he simply was not unique enough on any important attribute, nor did he fit into any specific brand category. Moreover, he suffered from a lack of song-artist connection. Consumers owned his new songs, but didn’t even know he sung them. In other words, his brand needed definition—he needed to turn the lights up on some aspect of his brand and be famous for something or risk fading into the middle of the pack at his format. Following the recommendations of Music Forecasting, this artist achieved superstardom and is now among the top performers in his genre.

Artist Development

Artist Development Image
A label was about to release the first album from a brand new duo comprised of a very attractive young woman and her boyfriend. The songs were all dominated by her voice, but she insisted on making her drummer boyfriend her “partner.” Moreover, the artist chose juvenile styling that was out of sync with her obvious late twenties age. The label disagreed with her styling choices and the inclusion of the boyfriend as her partner. They were also confused about whether this act should target CHR or Hot AC based upon the conflicting elements. Research revealed that the artist was projecting too many inconsistent images—too young in some ways, too old in others, as well as the inclusion of an unexpected member. The results sent the product manager back to the drawing board rather than releasing something that appeared destined for trouble.

Product Development

Product Development Image

The developers of a new music technology product wanted to assess the viability of the product itself and the value of the particular content offerings within it. Music Forecasting conducted a series of Consumer Panels with music consumers across the country to examine their general interests and habits related to the product as well as their reactions to a detailed product description and demo. This research allowed the client to make crucial decisions for product design, marketing, advertising, placement and overall viability well in advance of the product’s launch to ensure a successful venture.

Music Consumption Trends

Music Trends Image

An industry group was interested in knowing more about the music consumption trends of young music consumers. For example, why were they buying some physical and some digital? Why were they stealing some music and buying others? To find out why, Music Forecasting held a series of Consumer Panels with young consumers to get in their heads about what they were buying and why. The results helped our clients better target their offerings and understand the makings of a digital or physical sales success landscape.