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Music Forecasting’s Artist Incubator™ one-on-one interviews provide an in-depth view of what’s going on with your emerging artists in the minds of music consumers. We interview 30 real consumers in two or three cities around the country to hear what they think about up to three up-and-coming artists. We recruit consumers who live in the target you'd like to hit with these new artists (for example, CHR listeners who like successful artists in the space to which you aspire). Consumers review all of the assets you have available (songs, photo treatments, video clips).

We emerge with a clear understanding of the connection consumers are likely to make with each artist and a road-map for moving them forward as quickly as possible.

This program is the best technique we have found to reveal the most compelling aspects of an artist that does not yet have enough national familiarity to be studied in other ways. It is an opportunity to hear feedback from real consumers and ask them what we have to work with rather than relying solely on our instincts.

Find out what consumers really think about your artist…

Does each artist have some quality that makes them special enough to evoke real passion among music consumers?

  • What is the essence of each artist’s unique appeal, if any - are they considered, for example, sexy, wholesome, likeable, edgy, dangerous, genuine, down-to-earth or outrageous? What factor or factors will generate a real bond with the audience?
  • What artist images, if any, are connecting with the audience?
  • At whom does the consumer perceive your act to be targeted?
  • Into what category of music does the consumer put each artist? With whom do they “compete”?
  • Are there any negative images associated with each artist that could be corrected?
  • What songs, videos, styling and artwork fit with the images you are creating? Is anything “out of place” that you can eliminate or modify?
  • How likely is each artist to succeed?
  • How likely are consumers to buy a new album from each artist?

Music Forecasting conducts Artist Incubator™ studies in markets across the country based upon what makes sense for your artist. These panels are conducted by professional moderators on our staff who specialize in focus groups with music consumers and who have been trained by the prestigious Burke Institute.

We videotape all of our sessions so that you can observe them at your convenience and see consumer reactions first-hand. Additionally, we prepare a full written report including our observations, insights and recommendations.