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Music Forecasting’s International Artist Image® and Position Tracking Study provides a quick assessment of your artist’s viability, strengths and weaknesses in the international music marketplace. Designed to provide a strategic overview of how well your artist is likely to perform in international territories, the Artist Image Study will tell you how familiar your artist is overseas, how large their fan base is and whether they are connecting with their target audience. Where does your artist fit into local music preferences? How strong is purchase intent toward a new release there? Are there any issues that can be corrected to get your artist back on track?

Music Forecasting has been studying musical artists domestically through this program for over ten years. Since 2008 we have been using our unique methodology in the international marketplace – Europe, Asia, Central and South America. We will show you detailed comparisons of your artist’s performance to their competitors – to provide you with better context and deeper insights.
Even more powerful when trended over time, the International Artist Image® and Position Tracking Study is an inexpensive health check of your artist’s viability, image and position in the market. You’ll receive simple, straight-forward interpretation of what the consumers are saying about your artists with recommendations on how to use this to your best strategic advantage.

Why study your artist’s image and position?

  • Know for sure how relevant your artist is in these territories before committing to market there
  • Learn where your artists fit into local music preferences in these territories
  • Find out who the real buyers are vs. the casual fans
  • See what issues stand in the way of your success, and how they can be corrected
  • Focus your marketing – know for sure where the fans are — what radio formats, what age groups
  • Find out how familiar your artist is in these territories and how large the fan base is

You’ll see…

  • The composition of your artist’s fan base and their format preferences. You will know whether the core is now mainly female, for example, or whether your artist has broadened their appeal
  • Whether you are targeting the right age demographic
  • Which relevant American music genre consumers associate your artist with - for example, Rhythmic Pop Dance rather than Hip Hop
  • Whether consumers of different ages feel that your artist is targeted at them, or at someone older
  • How strong purchase intent is toward a new release from your artist and the profile of consumers who are most likely to buy
  • Whether consumers think your artist is hot or not, and why

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