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Music Forecasting's TEN X® music test is a unique method of pre-testing songs that mimics the way radio stations field their call-out. Our logic is what you really want to know is how well a song will perform in radio station call-out research. Unlike some other companies, we screen all of our participants just like radio stations do – by contacting households and identifying real people of specific age and sex qualifications who are fans of target radio stations. Through our specialized system, consumers listen to your songs multiple times before voting on them; hence the name TEN X.

TEN X® will help you...

  • Choose the best single
  • See how your tracks will look in radio station call-out
  • Determine the best target for each track and cross-over potential
  • See how well each song performs overall

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We've been testing songs in our exclusive TEN X® system for over twelve years, and we'll be able to show you how your tracks shape up compared to every other song we have tested. Our results are presented in the same format programmers will use to judge your songs, with details on how each song is likely to perform at individual radio formats, along with our recommendations.

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